Sup Yoga & Pilates

Practice Pilates and Yoga in the sea! Increase strength, flexibility and coordinationEnjoy a relaxing Yoga class on top of a paddle surf board. In addition to the benefits of yoga, it increases the strength, flexibility, coordination and resistance necessary to maintain balance on a surfboard, providing an enormous sense of tranquility and harmony surrounded by an exceptional environment the sea.

Surround yourselfwith an exceptional environmentLeave the studio, change the ceiling for the sky, the mat for a board, the floor for the sea and a constant challenge of maintaining concentration and balance in each position.The movement in the sea will ensure that laughter is part of the experience!

SUP Yoga classes of 1’30 hours.

SUP Yoga classes maximum 8 students.

students.Titled Yoga instructor.

High quality material boards, Star yoga and Starboard paddles.

Lessons in English or Spanish.

Liability insurance included.

Wetsuits in case they are necessary.


 January-April 25 €
 May 35 €
 June-Sep 45 €
 October 35 €
 Nov-Dec 25 €

675 941 646